No industry has seen as much change in the recent past as the real estate industry. Between the sub-prime crisis, which gave rise to stricter lending requirements in addition to the onslaught of foreclosures and “short sales”, the information revolution, which changed the way people acquire facts and data to make purchasing decisions, and globalization, which has lead to significant cultural changes, it’s a new world. And the new world order became even more complicated with a pandemic which lasted two years and has had an equally dramatic impact on the real estate industry. Since the sale and purchase of real property, whether for home or for business, is so significant in our society and so steeped in tradition, the impact these forces have had and will continue to have on real estate transactions, has been nothing short of monumental.

A new breed of real estate professional is needed to keep pace with and respond to these significant changes. Anita Kazmierczak is such a real estate professional. She is the real estate professional/broker, of the future, and the future is now! While a licensed (in NJ and NY) real estate professional since 2005, Ms. Kazmierczak’s foray into home sales began at the exact time that the real estate market was slowing. Despite strong headwinds, she has managed to grow her own brokerage business year over year while the real estate market deteriorated. A full time commitment, a tremendous work ethic, strong negotiation skills with ability to act decisively and a “no nonsense” focus on solving problems has served Ms. Kazmierczak and her clients’ well!

Initial Experience

From 2005 till 2010:

Anita had the opportunity to be involved in numerous and varied real estate transactions affording her the luxury of learning every facet of the business, from valuing real property to marketing and home staging through negotiating and closing. Her experience extends to the following areas: Land sales, Re-sales of existing homes, The sale of commercial property, Corporate relocations, Tax exchanges (1031,1033), Investments, Short sales, Selling new construction & spec homes.

Additional Experience

From 2010 till today:

Anita’s new construction business became the focus of the next stage of her career as she benefitted from listings for some of the most prominent homebuilders in the NY metropolitan area including Pulte Homes/Centex Homes/Del Webb, American Properties, PRC Group, Somerset Development and ultimately High Point Development and Cantor Built, for whom Anita has worked with for over 10 years.

These listings enhanced Anita’s skills and services which came to include the following:

• Residential market review
• Comparative market analysis
• Market absorption studies
• New construction product review (architectural & floorplan review)
• The design and critique of collateral sales materials such as brochure design, website design, signage design and placement
• Overseeing advertising (internet marketing, social media, professional photos, virtual tours, videos)
• Having a vision for and overseeing the staging of decorated model homes
• Identifying trends in a changing environment and making recommendations for floor plan changes that reflect today’s buyer
• Collaboration with industry experts & local vendors to achieve the end product
• Management of listings on all MLS systems in NJ

As the lead sales and marketing collaborator for HighPoint Development, Anita is in charge of hiring, training and managing onsite sales staff at several large construction sites. She understands large and small building companies and their unique challenges, including goals and objectives and provides advice that complements business needs as well as your legal & financial requirements.

Anita has received numerous industry awards and recognition, too many to list, but the most impressive is having been involved in the sale of approximately 400 homes over the past 10 years representing builder and in majority cases buyers in the same transaction.