Traditional Marketing is no longer enough. “Creativity meets Technology” to Produce RESULTS

laptopMaximum Exposure
At Better Homes Realty, we market your home in two ways:
First, we advertise it to the real estate community. By exposing your listing to the thousands of agents in the area, all of whom are working with numerous qualified buyers, we maximize the probability of selling your home. By alerting the real estate community that your home is on the market, we are putting other agents to work for you as well as ourselves.

Second, we market your home to the large buying audience. Our first step is to place a distinctive “For Sale” sign on your property, letting the general public know that your home is now for sale. Whenever possible, we have directionals leading potential buyers to your home. Many times neighbors know friends or relatives that would like to live near them. Exposing your home to neighbors is the first step in attracting potential buyers.

Better Homes Realty Internet Advertising & Better Hoomes Realty Mobile App
According to the study conducted by the National Association of RealtorsR , the use of Internet to search for a home has risen dramatically from a miniscule 2% of buyers in 1995 to a whopping 85% in 2008 & over 93% in 2012!

A major shift has occurred recently in the way that consumers interact with the Internet and with each other – a popular term for this is “Localism”. Consumers are interested in knowing everything going on around them; news, events, friends, resources. As a result, consumers naturally type in city modifiers as anchor text to their search. There are a number of elemental economic strategies that are dovetailing to support how information is organized around location and delivered to consumer audiences. These strategies focus on URL naming structures and tagging of information to allow for and produce location based results.

Traffic Reports – Buyer search online first then in person, reports on how many buyers search your home online.

When advertising online, you can post up to 25 jumbo size photos to capture the attention of more buyers. Homes with the most photos, rise above all other listings when consumers search for homes. The number of photos is a key benefit to your listing presentation.
Open House alerts are emailed to our buyer prospects through our automated client contact programs.

Custom headlines and property descriptions found in the newspapers used to give the potential buyer a mental image of the property listing. Yet, buyers now demand more, due to internet advertising, and Better Homes Realty is distinguished in this aspect of the marketplace.

Our Internet marketing system includes featuring your home on the following sites:
Over 1300 real estate domains including:
For Example, we our company Websites include:,, etc….(check for complete list below)

    • Anita Kazmierczak Better Homes Realty Marlboro NJ

Now, More than 93% of homebuyers start online !! They do NOT look for real estate companies they look for homes YOU SHOULD LIST YOUR HOME WITH THE COMPANY THAT HAS THE MOST NON REAL ESTATE COMPANY WEBSITES
Here is a list of Better Homes Realty Domains! As of now, no other real estate company can do this



Better Homes Realty Mobile App
Get instant access to millions of homes for sale with our real estate app!

Create single property websites
Create single property websites for your home with advanced presentation features, including own url
Market your home with private website before meeting prospective buyers.** There are no limitations: unlimited photos, unlimited videos and description.

Unlimited photos, great looking slideshows
Unlimited professional photographs, great looking slideshows, well-written descriptive copy, 360 degree BetterHomesUSA Virtual Tours, floor plans, and your own individual property website are just some of the initial marketing techniques used by Better Homes to present your property in the best possible light. We will showcase your home with all the pertinent information including neighborhood statistics, school and government information. We can give a clear picture of the location with the Google Search tools and mapping. The property presentation is as much about the surrounding area of the listing as it is about the interior. We will create web pages with street maps, aerial photos, topographic maps and 3D flyovers. Driving directions and real time traffic are also available.

Maps, maps and more maps
The property presentation is as much about the surrounding area of the listing as it is about the interior. Street maps, aerial photos, topographic maps and 3D flyovers are all part of your showcase.
Visitors can also get driving directions, real-time traffic information and local coupons. Even better, all driving directions printed via your website will have your photo and contact information in the header.

Bird’s Eye View and Google Street View
Your single property website incorporates the two most stunning neighborhood visualization tools: MicrosoftR Bird’s Eye View and Google Street Views. Availability depends on the area, but when it is provided, they are the most powerful tools to get a glimpse of the neighborhood through high resolution, interactive photography. See for example www.705wickhamcourt.comYou can read more about how to embed Google Street Views on the RealBird blog.

Unlimited description with WYSWYG editor
Describe your property in great details or summarize the main features only. The description editor allows you to copy and paste text from other property documents including your MLS property sheet or PDF flyer while maintaining all the document formatting. The editor also allows you to paste images and multimedia or links into your description: you have full control over the visual presentation of the description.

Tip: Adding property description is not only important to inform your prospective buyers, but greatly helps search engine optimization. Your RSS feed will also contain this description, thus smaking it more informative for your RSS subscribers.

Supports any type of multimedia: video, slideshows, widgets 
You can embed multimedia, online documents, slideshows, panorama virtual tours or any 3rd party widgets into your listing website with a simple copy and paste operation. You may also embed multiple multimedia widgets with captions and descriptions. How about several videos per property flyer? Or neighborhood videos or 3rd party user generated content to enhance your property description? It’s all doable and takes only minutes.

Cooperative Showing
Our systems are instrumental in mobilizing the real estate community by leveraging the laws of supply and demand. Our systems encourage real estate companies in the local and outlying marketplace to become actively involved in the marketing of your property. For their efforts, we make available the selling portion of the real estate fee to all companies and sales associates in the marketplace.
The most valuable marketing tool used by any company is the significant activity of advertising your property to other real estate associates. We, as the marketing associates for your property, see to it that your property is sold twice: first to the real estate community and subsequently to the buying public. These associates and their customers make up the BetterHomesUSA real estate community buyers pool. These associates provide counsel and guidance to the overwhelming majority of potential buyers. Your property will be listed with the Multiple Listing Service. A broker open house will be held by BetterHomesUSA Sales Executives. This open house will be publicized to buyer agents through MLS announcing the date and time of the open house.
Cooperative Showing Suggestions are unique to BetterHomesUSA and enable us to put together a detailed plan on how to show your home in the hands of all cooperating agents before they bring in prospective buyers.

Merchandising and Staging
A buyer’s first impression must be a memorable one. Curb appeal has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s real estate market. Interested buyers can not only view your home from the curb, but with today’s technology, the next owner can get a clear and accurate showing of the selling home from their personal or office computer. This showing includes floor plans, aerial views, virtual tours, and scores of photographs.
The BetterHomesUSA Home Merchandising System was designed in New Jersey and is now used nationally to enhance the value of a property through merchandising before the actualmarketing plan begins. The Merchandising System is comprised of videos and print materials, which guide the homeowner through a variety of inexpensive and free projects designed to make their home more presentable for showing. Our partnership with First Impressions Homes will assist you in preparing your home for sale. First Impression Homes

Pricing Your Home
Sellers may think that an overpriced property can simply be reduced if it does not sell. The danger with this approach is that by the time the property is finally reduced to its market value, it may have been on the market so long that buyers perceive it to be a tainted property. Buyers then question how long the home has been on the market and seek reasons for why it has not sold. Their offer to purchase, based on that knowledge, may be below its actual value. As real estate professionals, we use market research to arrive at an initial price that is both realistic and fair to you as the seller, but also attractive to buyers. This pricing process takes into account a number of key factors that include the property location and condition, and the market history and current activity.

“Couldn’t We Try This Price For A Couple Of Weeks?”
Sales agents are constantly on the alert for new properties to show their active, qualified buyer. As a result, the majority of showings by sales agents on a new listing occurs when the house is first placed on the market. Once the group of agents and buyers have seen the property, showing activity decreases to only those buyers new to the market. Therefore, it is important to position your home at the best price during the first market exposure.
CMA Sample

We Have Buyers
The BetterHomesUSA International Referral Network links qualified real estate professionals in relocation markets across the country. Through our network, we have access to buyers from all of our members.
Our Target Marketing is a personalized plan for marketing your property. It is designed to find the right buyer. Additionally, all of our BetterHomesUSA real estate agents have their own pool of buyers. Your new listing will be exposed to our inventory of current buyers, who have not found a house to meet their needs in the current Multiple Listing Service inventories. Through this plan they will be immediately notified that your home is available for sale.

The Renter to Buyer Assistance Program is a method to aid properties listed through BetterHomesUSA Realtors, and offers seller assistance to qualified buyers. This program is primarily used for first-time homebuyers who in most cases can afford a monthly payment, but are short on the down payment and/or closing costs.

Corporate Relocation Service is available to us as part of BetterHomesUSA Home Services. This provides access to relocating families, who are then introduced to your home and our marketplace.

Printable flyer with private labeled driving directions included
You visitors can easily add driving directions to the printable flyers.

Real-time market stats
Real-time market statistics are provided for over 6000 zipcodes in the US by our partner, Altos Research. New markets are added ongoing. Up-to-date median price charts are automatically included in your single property websites where available. The market stats page also acts as a lead collector allowing visitors to contact you for more stats and market reports.

Describe the neighborhood
Would you like to tell more about the location? Describe the neighborhood on your property website. Copy and paste census data or local business directory from other sources or write an introduction about attractions and neighborhood facts.
Tip: Just like with the property description, introduction to the neighborhood helps not only visitors, but also search engines and organic traffic generation. In many instances, visitors arrive to your property website via search engines due to the high relevancy the neighborhood info represents.
Neighborhood Reports

Live chat with your visitors
With Better Homes Realty our visitors have access to live chat with a real estate professional. We turn your listing into a virtual open house, engaging our visitors in live conversations to discuss your property details.

What’s nearby?
The built-in Google Local Search tool allows your visitors to map any type of points of interest around your property including schools, parks, libraries, restaurants and more. Just another interactive way for you to provide local information with your property website.

Home Warranty
The Home Protection Plan adds value to your home and is a safety net before and after your home sells.

Real Estate Auction
Auction Services

Homes of Distinction

MLS Multiple Listing Service
Your home will be listed in local MLS,Multiple Website Service. MLS is a sharing of comprehensive home information among real estate professionals. Listings brokers enter the data about a home for sale and offer to share the commission with a broker who brings a buyer. It’s an online software that contains all the specifics about a home, from the address, age, square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, upgrades and schools districts to types of financing the seller will consider, and more.

Utility Setup Service

Brochures, Newspapers, Magazines
At BetterHomesUSA we don’t stop there. We channel more buyers to your property through the use of more traditional real estate marketing as well as the newest media. Your listed property will be showcased in the regional and local newspapers to maximize exposure on the local level. To sell your property effectively, buyers need to be provided with all of the key information professionally presented in a brochure. That is why we produce a brochure for every property filled with all the important details about your home. This brochure is available at Open Houses, is presented to buyers when viewing your home and can be downloaded from your personal property website.
Sample Brochure #1 | Sample Brochure #2| Floor Plan | HGTV 30 Second Commercials

Target Market By Direct Mail & Email
Targeted direct mail has become an incredibly effective way of distributing available property information to the marketplace. We regularly use direct mail to target all types of groups, including first-time buyers, move-up and downsizing buyers. Direct mail pieces will be sent on each of our listings announcing your property for sale. These direct mail campaigns continue throughout the period we are marketing your home and change according to the shelf position of your home and market conditions. We send thousands of emails to opt-in clients every month.
PostCards | Email Me Listings | Email a Card | Sample Email

Mortgage Services
Through our network of lenders, we have access to over 150 loan programs available to the buyers today. Special financing text message signs for your property. Free Mortgage Pre-Qualification services available 7 days a week. ICM provides special financing yards signs that will provide text info to cell phone with property information.

Surf Your Town Business Directory
Surf Your Town Business Directory | Insurance | Title

Sales Force And Training
We have over 500 affiliated Sales Executives speaking over 15 languages. In addition to the requirements of the state, all BetterHomesUSA Sales Executives attend an additional seventy-five hour training course. Here, all sales executives are trained in the techniques of the Home Marketing System, which has sold more property than any other system in America.

Additional Marketing Services

  • Transaction Insurance $1,000,000
  • Feng Shui
  • Portion of every commission donated to help the homeless – BetterHomes For All
  • Update you on conditions locally and nationally that will affect the marketing of your property and keep you current on financing conditions in the real estate market
  • Pre-qualify all potential buyers
  • Stage public and broker open houses
  • Provide you with timely feedback on all showings of your home
  • Make available to you copies of your listing, advertising and marketing programs
  • Be available to represent you when an agreement of sale is presented and to assist in obtaining the highest and most realistic price
  • Constantly monitor the sale so that no problems suddenly develop. Oversee all follow-ups to assure that deposits are received, all contingencies are met, and time frames adhered to
  • Be present at the Transfer of Title (closing) to continue to monitor the transaction for your benefit
  • Assist you in any way necessary to make the sale and closing of your property as smooth as possible with the least inconvenience to you and your family.
  • This Marketing Plan is our commitment to you, should We decide to work together to market your most valued Possession: Your Home!!
  • The BetterHomesUSA Home Merchandising System was designed in New Jersey and is now used nationally to enhance the value of a property through merchandising, before the actual marketing plan begins. The Merchandising System is comprised of videos and print material which guides the homeowner through a variety of inexpensive and free projects designed to make their home more presentable for showing. Click Here to watch the BetterHomesUSA Home Merchandising video.
  • For More info call Anita Kazmierczak 732 547 2710, email

Anita Kaźmierczak ~ New Homes Division Team Leader, SFR, Specialize in New Construction & Luxury Real Estate, Certified Internet Agent, Broker-Associate, Marlboro & Rumson office. 

Tel: (732) 547-2710 


For more pictures/info of listings click on Website/Page Anita Kazmierczak Better Homes Realty Marlboro NJ

Commitment to Excellence

Value Added Representation

The world of real estate continues to experience dramatic change. This change is a result of market forces, including bankingreforms, regulatory changes and demographic shifts. In addition, ever increasing advances in technology allow sellers and buyers of real property access to so much information, that sellers and buyers have become more educated and hence, more sophisticated. As a result, successful real estate brokers and advisors have to adapt to these market changes to provide real value to their customers. The role of the educated representative has evolved to a complementary role, one where a representative’s experience allows him or her to “connect the dots” and successfully complete transactions for well informed but largely inexperienced sellers and buyers. There is no greater education than experience, when it comes to understanding all facets of the real estate marketplace and successfully advising clients. “Not having the benefit (or detriment depending upon how you look at it) of having done business during the “good times”, Anita knew only one way to do business. A full time commitment, a tremendous work ethic, an advisory view of the business and a no nonsense focus on solving problems, overcoming objections and open communication”said one of her biggest clients.
Background & Education
While born and raised in Poland, Anita Kazmierczak is proud to call Monmouth County, NJ home for over fifteen years. She hasbeen with Better Homes Realty since 2005 as a full-time Broker-Associate, earning recognition as one of the company’s TopProducers. Anita has closed large amount of real estate transactions, most of them in past four years, four of the most challenging years for buying or selling real estate. With a background in Business Management and a Bachelors Degree in Economics, Anita is confident of her unique ability to understand the specific needs of her clients and the machinations of the marketplace, allowing her to formulate a “Goal-Oriented” approach to accomplishing their goals.

Anita Kazmierczak has had the opportunity to be involved in numerous and varied real estate transactions affording her the luxury of learning every facet of the business, from valuing real property to marketing and home staging through negotiatingand closing. Her experience extends to the following areas:

  • Re-sales of existing homes
  • New Construction (pre-construction to spec sales). Listed and Sold for PULTE Homes, PRC Group, Centex Homes, Majestic Contracting…Works closely with project Architects and Staff
  • Luxury Homes, Waterfront properties
  • Commercial property
  • Corporate relocations
  • Rentals (residential & commercial)
  • Tax exchanges (1031, 1033)
  • Investments
  • Bank sales
  • Short sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Personally/successfully bought, rehabbed and sold properties as investments
  • Silent Business Investor learning Entrepreneurship

Right Pricing
Real estate value or pricing a property at the outset is among the most important decisions a seller has to make. Overpriced listings do not sell and improperly priced homes can have an impact on market acceptance! These mistakes can make thedifference between selling a house and having a house for sale. Anita is always available to provide a free estimate of the value of a client’s home or property. She also understands the emotional value a home can hold for its owners and factors that into the equation as well.

Marketing & Social Media
What separates Anita from other real estate advisors, is her unique ability to properly position a property in the market and utilize the internet, and numerous social media venues to “get the word” out about a property. The Better Homes Website allows effective tracking and follow-up for prospective buyers and sellers. For more info & Pictures of her listings please click on FB page Anita Kazmierczak Better Homes Realty Marlboro NJ

Expanding the Marketplace
In today’s global and fast-changing real estate environment, languages and cultures intermix and have become an integral part of many transactions. Anita’s multi-lingual and interpersonal skills are an asset to any real estate transaction she is a part of. These skills have helped her succeed in an extremely competitive business. She enjoys meeting new people from all over the world and is able to effectively network and put buyers and sellers together. When goals are achieved, she has happy clients, which is the proof of her success! Anita’s well-earned and cherished testimonial letters from clients and colleagues alike can attest to her ability to produce. Many of her clients provide referrals, which are always the greatest compliment!

Ms. Kazmierczak has worked closely with new agents to train them to be successful in business. Through her new home business, she has helped local builders complete neighborhoods, in an especially difficult environment. When she assists a seller in effecting a sale or a buyer on the closing of a “new” residence, she is helping create and stabilize the communities she works in. This is the epitome of community involvement, community creation and stabilization. In addition, Ms. Kazmierczak and Better Homes have donated commissions and clothing to the organization 180 Turning Lives Around of NJ, an organization that helps those suffering from mental and substance abuse. Anita participates in the Toys for Tots program, donates to RPAC, Habitat for Humanity & St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She is constantly innovating, improving, and reacting to a changing market and her success speaks for itself.

Serving ALL of NJ Real Estate: Our New Construction Team expanded to cover all area of NJ. Here is a list of counties we now cover: Monmouth, Middlesex, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Morris, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Somerset, Ocean, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hudson, Mercer & Salem

  • One of Better Homes Company TOP Producers in 20122011, 20102009, 2008 & 2007
  • New Homes Division Team Leader
  • Ranked Highest out of All Better Homes agents in 2010& 2012
  • Broker~Associate (Brokers are required to have more education and experience than real estate salespersons or agents)
  • New Jersey Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence Sales Award 2012, 2011, 2010, 20092008 & 2007
  • Personally Closed 40 Real Estate transactions in 2011 (34 New Construction)
  • & 33 New Construction Home transactions closed 2010 plus many resale transactions.
  • Works closely with new agents to train them to be successful in business.
  • SFR Certified~ Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource: Short Sale Specialist
  • Completed REBAC’s Short Sales and Foreclosures Course
  • New Construction home sales with a Proven track record of Success!
  • Shore Builders 2010 Realtor of The YEAR award Winner
  • Certified Internet Agentanita kazmierczak

Contact Me:
Phone:  732-547-2710

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