Staging and Preparing Your Home for Sale

To show your home to its best advantage,

you will most likely stage it to some degree.

That is, you will clean, rearrange furniture,

paint, landscape, and make repairs as you

see fit. Effective staging will impact both

the length of time it takes to sell your home

and the price you receive for it. Here are

some suggestions to help you focus your

staging efforts.

First Impressions:

Consider repainting the

exterior of your home. If your paint is chipping

or peeling or the color is clearly out of

date, a fresh paint job will enhance both the

appeal and the value.


The front door greets the

prospect. Make sure it is fresh and clean.

Repaint it if necessary. Keep the front walkway

and entry area well swept. Plant seasonal

blooming flowers in planters or in the

ground for extra effect.


Clear yards and gardens of

refuse, tools and toys. Prune, mow and

replant as necessary so that your grounds

look healthy and well maintained. Be especially

careful to trim trees and shrubs that

block light from windows.


Faded walls, worn floors and

chipped woodwork reduce appeal. Low-cost

investments in fresh paint or floor coverings

may bring big dividends.


All windows and frames should

sparkle inside and out. Make sure window

coverings are in good repair and clean. No

coverings at all may be better than shabby

ones. Repair window and sliding door

screens that are torn or damaged.


Repair loose knobs, sticking doors

and windows, warped cabinet doors, sticky

drawers and other flaws which detract from

a home’s value. Replace or fix dripping

faucets, which discolor sinks and suggest

faulty plumbing. Be sure that caulking in

showers and tubs is clean (no mildew)

and watertight.

Room Arrangement:

Remove and store

excess furniture, knickknacks and artwork.

Too many furnishings make rooms appear

cluttered and distract prospective buyers’

attention. Leave prospects space to imagine

their own furnishings in the rooms.

Closets and Storage:

Display the full value

of your closets, garage, storage rooms and

other utility space by removing all unnecessary

articles and by neatly organizing what



Keep stairways clear of clutter. Be

sure that decks are safe for people to walk on.

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