How to prepare your house for a photo shoot

Remember every day clean is not always clean enough for a photo shoot. The idea is to make the house like you would for an “open house“.    Here are some tips you may not always think of:


  • No cars in the driveway (Park them away from the front of the house)
  • no visible garbage cans
  • no visible garden hoses
  • patio furniture neat
  • pool tools and toys put away
  • front door closed
  • nothing that can put a date on your picture (holiday decorations etc.)
  • no political signs


  • All lights on, including lamps
  • take up small area rugs that are hiding nice floors
  • all window treatments open, unless you can see the next house to close
  • de-clutter
  • take down restraining gates if possible
  • nothing that can put a date on your picture (holiday decorations etc.)
  • Replace dead light bulbs


  • minimize the amount of small appliances on the countertops
  • no dish drying rack on countertop
  • no dish towels hanging on handles
  • no garbage cans
  • no dish soaps or sponges on the sink
  • no clutter on top of the refrigerator
  • no clutter on the refrigerator (magnets pictures etc.)
  • no pet dishes


  • toilet seats down
  • shampoo bottles put away (we can see them through the glass doors)
  • no robes hanging on hooks
  • de-clutter countertops (no tooth brushes, razors, etc.)
  • no bath mats on the floor

If there are a lot of kids toys that have to be put away. I understand you can’t put them all away at once. The idea is to put them all in one room, before we get there. A room off to the side somewhere not visible from other rooms. And then we can shoot that room last.

Remember this is one shot to make an”open house” that hundreds of people are going to see and look at everyday

Let’s make yours the best looking on the Internet!

written by

Guy Argenzio

Master Bedroom

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